From our family
to yours

Spectra is a family owned and operated company with over 100 years combined experience in candy panning. Our Master Panners’ carefully guarded recipes and panning techniques allow us to deliver the finest products available anywhere in the world.  We have passed down our trade secrets and time-honoured techniques from one generation to the next while constantly striving to enhance our products. 

From our family to yours…  


Our team is always looking for ways to improve our processes and offer new products to our clients. We partner with local and international businesses to develop the ideal toppings for their baked goods, snack foods, and ice cream desserts. Through advanced research, we’ve developed innovative toppings which include sugar-free and natural colours. Spectra only uses sustainably sourced, non-hydrogenated oils and premium ingredients. Through rigorous food safety procedures and quality assurance oversight, we ensure the high-quality of our products to enhance some of the world’s best loved brands.

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